Xmas Night Walk in Palermo.

A lovely relaxing walk and drink in Palermo on Xmas night.


On Xmas night, the weather was beautiful, almost warm, so a walk through the streets of Palermo to see the lights and “goings-on” was a lovely change. The amount of people in the streets was just right – not deserted, but neither too crowded. And a stop for a drink at one of the street bars and caffes went well….

A look at what you can do on a Family Holiday in Sicily.

Pippa’s Paddock offering fantastic tailor-made Family Holidays in Sicily

There are many Family Holidays offered in Sicily and quite a number of them are good. So we try to make ours better and more unique, offering what we think is a better value deal. Continue reading

Just for Fun – Quick bite in Palermo… (Holidays in Sicily)


As I needed to do some shopping in Palermo, Pippa said she and a friend needed to do some too. So, we all piled into my car and set off for the day. In the evening, on the way back, we stopped at one of my little hide-outs to get a delicious chicken bites and chips meal. Continue reading

Look what I found !!! A 2007 slideshow after our 1st year in Sicily…

A slideshow for some contemplatig Family Holidays in Sicily.

This slideshow was created by me (Mark), mostly with Pippa in mind. It was sent back to her school in Wales and other friends whom we had left behind in an effort to stay in touch and show them what our life was like in the “New country”… Continue reading