So exactly what’s so special about our Horse Riding Holidays in Italy (Sicily)?

Horse Riding Holidays in Italy (Sicily) with so much more !

I have always loved this mad island – from the first time I set foot here. I also love horse riding to bits and am rarely happier than when I am on a good horse. However, it seems such a shame to come on a horse riding holiday in Italy or Sicily, and only do horse riding and a few other things (meals and bars??) and not witness, first hand, all the many things that this country is all about.

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Troy – Our new Stallion on horse riding excursions…

A small clip of the first days of Troys arrival….

“I was looking for an experienced gelding preferably black. What I got on trial was black alright but that’s about as far as it went. Troy was a stallion and green as hell !! But he is such a sweet soul I couldn’t get myself to give him back. He deserves a good home and I am sure he will learn quickly…”


Our horse riding should be enhanced with Troy’s presence. Looking forward to riding him out by Spring…

Bye Sophia…..

Sophia’s month of Horse riding is up….   Leaving today.

Horse riding Sicily

Sophia riding Farrouk.

After a month horse riding at Pippa’s Paddock, Sophia is packing her bags. She leaves today, returning to the UK to continue with her studies after visiting her family and enjoying yet some more of the summer holidays.

Thank you for visiting us, Sophia. We hope you enjoyed your stay as much as we enjoyed having you here….