So exactly what’s so special about our Horse Riding Holidays in Italy (Sicily)?

Horse Riding Holidays in Italy (Sicily) with so much more !

I have always loved this mad island – from the first time I set foot here. I also love horse riding to bits and am rarely happier than when I am on a good horse. However, it seems such a shame to come on a horse riding holiday in Italy or Sicily, and only do horse riding and a few other things (meals and bars??) and not witness, first hand, all the many things that this country is all about.

That’s why our holidays include Continue reading

Our holidays win the 2015 Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence !!!!

Proud to have won such an Accololade !!!!

Adventure excellence Sicily

Tripadvisor has awarded our holidays the 2015 Certificate of Excellence   !!!

Pippa’s Paddock is proud to announce that Tripadvisor has awarded us the much coveted “Certificate of excellence” for 2015. This certificate is given to those establishments which “consistently receive excellent reviews from their guests”… (Tripadvisor’s words…)

Our efforts to create truly tailor-made holidays for horse riding, Yoga, cycling, family holidays and many other activity vacations have finally been rewarded.

I wish to heartily thank all those who were kind enough to spare their time and write all the wonderful things they did about us.  I have no illusions that Pippa’s Paddock is anywhere near perfect. I can only aspire to do our best and genuinely give our guests a lovely holiday as close to their personal liking and tastes as possible. This is why we put so much emphasis on our guests’ wishes.

May you all have a lovely time when visiting Sicily, whoever you travel with, and be assured we are always happy to offer help and advice regardless whether you stay at Pippa’s Paddock or elsewhere…

On Parade !!! We attend one of the Horse Parades in Sicily…

After eight years we finally manage one of the Horse Parades in Sicily !

Horses italy, Horse riding holidays

The locals love horses and they love showing off… That’s a lot of what Sicily is all about, and frankly, it is fun !    I have wished to take part in one of these Horse Parades ever since we arrived here over eight years ago Continue reading

Tripadvisor ranks us No. 1 Activity Holiday place to go in Alia !!!!

WOW…   Best Horse Riding and Activity Holiday place to go in Alia, Sicily.             Non other than Tripadvisor saying this !

It has taken some time but Pippa’s Paddock has slowly clawed its way up the ranking on Tripadvisor to now become the best ranked Activity Holiday place in Alia. This happened today after our last review….

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