Meet the gang

Pippa-s Paddock - Horse RidingPippa – Pippa, after whom the place is obviously called, is my youngest daughter. She arrived here with us, in April 2006, after a seven day journey from Wales. That was a journey we will not forget and certainly one worth telling.

Pippa loves horses and has ridden since she was five. In fact she loves all animals and seems to have a special way with them. She is an excellent rider and helps us break some horses early as she is so light. She has settled well here and speaks fluent Italian. 

Fun at Pippa's Paddock

Mark – I grew up in Malta, where I met Andrea (Pippa’s mother). At the time I used to race cars in Italy and Sicily, and had to travel here extensively. In these years I learned to appreciate and love this hard romantic land. I also learned more about the island of Sicily than probably most Sicilians have.

Starting to ride when both members of my family took to talking of nothing else – I have now been promoted to chief tester of unknown animals we receive… but not because of my special skills!!

The Welshman at Pippa's Paddock


Raz – A welshman from the valleys, Raz came over in the spring of 2011, together with 3 mates of his, to help out with building work purely on a voluntary basis …. and hasn’t gone back yet !! He loves the outdoors life, and the animals (and the local beer ! ) so I guess, he’s here to stay for a while yet…



Horse riding and activity holidays at Pippa's Paddock

Rebecca – My eldest daughter, lives in Malta. She is an animal rights activist (perhaps too active!) and obviously loves them to bits. She visits Pippa’s Paddock regularly, although we would like to see more of her…

She presently handles Group and individual bookings from Malta.


Horse trainer at Pippa's Paddock

Yeb De Yong – Yeb is a dutch professional and expert horseman with an incredible career, which includes training Olympic teams in two countries.

Yeb came along for that memorable trip from Wales and constantly visits to give us advice and help with the project.


Horse riding in Alia.

Salvo – Our Sicilian friend and farrier, Salvo is a keen horseman who has ridden all his life. He knows the area of Alia well and has travelled all its trails. Moreover, he is knowledgeable in all the local ways of horsemanship and has given us invaluable advice on adapting to the local situation.


Jan 2020