Our Horses.

Ambrogio - (Gelding, Andalusian. 16.1hh)

 "King of the herd for many years, Ambrogio is now over 20 years old and not quite as feared by the rest of the males as he once was. He has however, kept a great deal of authority within the herd and is respected by all. Ex-parade horse, he is a proud and good-looking horse that has learnt to take good care of his rider. We use him with more consideration now and he goes out on the shorter and less fast rides. The pisture shows him at aprox. 9 years old when we first acquired him.
Troy - (Gelding, San Fratellano. 17.0hh)

Troy is one big strong horse, whch should come as no surprise as the San Fratellanos are decended from the Norman horses left behind in the northen slopes of Mount Etna when they fled the Sicilian uprising. These horses faced the harrsh extremes of cold and heat coupled to not a lot to eat in the dry seasons. To this day they run wild in these mountains.
Manifi (Cross-bred trotter/Quater Horse. 15.2hh)

Manifi spent his first 12 years racing quite succcessfully in Sweden, followed by a short spell in Malta. He was initially very dificult as he couldn't understand life was not just about going fast. After a span of time wherein we almost gave up on him, he suddenly realised and is now (April 2018) starting to accept hacking as his main job. He still enjoys a fast gallop and fast he is !
In November 2017 he had a bad accident and broke a couple of ribs in the fall. The poor boy had to endure 2 months tied in a corner of a stable without moving. Luckily he has healed well and is slowly regaining his former form.
Gandalf (Trotter 16.0 hh)

Gandlaf, the very interesting coloured (Blue roan), is another Trotter arriving here from Malta after a very successful racing career, both in Sweden and Malta where he won the Xma Cup in 2016 against mush younger horses. Like most racing horses he was initially eager to go fast, but he soon started to realise that there was more to life in his new home in Sicily.
Now, 2 years on, he has settled into a being an incredibly obedient horse doing exactly what is needed. He can take anything from the most experienced rider to a child.
Horse riding holidays in Sicily.Genghis Khan (Gelding, Cross-bred Paint 15.2hh)

Khan is one of two half brother foals, caught in the Roman hills in 2008 and destined for the meat wagon. Thankfully, we saw them in time and bought them. (His half brother is Blue, see below). We started Khan when he was around three years old and he turned out to be a lovely easy, willing and obedient ride.  He has carried many a happy rider including beginners and expert riders alike....
Tobias - (Gelding, Local Sicilian bred. 14.3hh)

We bought Tobias from a farmer across the valley and never regretted it. Pippa was just 9 years old and passed that first summer here playing continually with the growing foal. The result is the friendliest most lovable character imaginable. Whe the time to start arrived it was the easiest thing in the world - basically just chuck the saddle on and off we went on a 2 hour ride !!!  He won't win any cometitions (at least, not until they invent an eating one!) but he is the safest easiest ride ever...
Horse Riding vacations.Enola Grey (Mare, part-bred Andalusian. 15.2hh)

Another of our "seasoned" horses, Enola has proved a lovely mare, a joy to ride - lively and spirited but safe.  It took a while to get there for that was not what she was like in the beginning but 11 years with us have produced results. She has produced 2 foals, One of which Persephone is pregnant and expecting in October.
Persephone - (Mare, Part bred Andalusian. 15.2hh)

Persephone, is the daughter of our Ambrogio and Enola, born in 2009. Being 3/4 Andalusian she has spirit and stamina and is challenging and fun, but safe as anything. We patiently (like we always do) broke her in ourselves and we are very happy with the results.
Late last year, she was covered by a gorgeous stallion (Full Andalusian) and is expecting her foal in October 2018. We can't wait !!!
Qalbi - (Mare, Part bred Andalusian. 16.1hh)

Qalbi is Ambrogio's daughter. Her mother, also our mare, was a fantastic horse, born and bred here in the valley. In 2016 she sadly passed away. Qalbi has grown up here with her own herd and Toby is her uncle, so she knows a nice family environment and is friendly and keen on cuddles. With Ambrogio her dad, there is the Andalusian fire in there and she provides a lively spirited ride in spite of her girth and size....
Ramses (Trotter 17.0 hh)

Arriving in early 2017, Ramses is also a Trotter arriving here from Malta after a racing career in France. He is quite a strong horse and, although is learning to stop, needs a hard hand on the brakes after a long hard gallop. However, he is a joy to ride and fears nothing. His obedience in every way is remarkable.
Aramis (Trotter 16.1 hh)

Arriving together with Ramses, Aramis is also a French Trotter. Apparently as a trotter he had the fault of breaking into a gallop occssionally which was great for us as it was easier than ever to train him to gallop. To be fair it felt like someone had already done a fair bit of work with him in this sense. Aramis is one of our base horses being very good and steady with all paces on demand.
Apache(3/4 Arab 15.3 hh)

Needing 2 more well-trained horses in spring of 2018, we were lucky to find a riding school reducing their numbers. Apache, only 5 years old at the time, proved to be super well trained and a big bonus. His arab blood ensures he is untiring and strong but his manners and spirit are superb.
Tyrone(Sardinian anglo-arab 16.2 hh)

Tyrone was the second horse we purchased from the local riding stable together with his friend Apache. He was rather weak and undernourished initially but has found his form now. He has proved to be a lovely, well-mannered horse to ride; providing a nice burst of speed when asked and a slow calm disposition the rest of the time.
Phoebe (Filly, Part bred Andalusian)

Phoebe was born in 2011 from one of our best mares Laila, a halflinger. As with all our foals the sire is Ambrogio. Unfortunately Laila (who was 24 years old) passed away unexpectedly one day and the little (6 months) darling was adopted by Gypsy who cared for her most attentively till recently, when Gypsy passed away at the age of 31. She is really an identical copy of her mum and serves as a reminder of lovely Laila.
Pony riding in Sicily.Pharoah (Gelding, Welsh Cross-breed. 12.1hh)

In spite of his size, number two in the herd, Pharoah must be one of the cheekiest and most mischevious around. He seems able to escape from almost any enclosure, and is very clever and quick-learning. Pippa has, unfortunately, outgrown him having done superbly at the last Alia Gymkhana, winning her class and taking 3rd overall in 2007. Pharoah now works by taking children for short rides and is used for teaching youngster beginners.
Pony riding holidays in SicilyBlue (Gelding, Crossbred Paint)

Khan's half brother, Pippa called him Blue because of the colour of his eyes. Blue has stayed well short of his half brother's height. We havn't actually measured him but I say he is around 14 hands.

Blue was quite a frightened little foal when he arrived, but lots of work with him has shown some results. He is now a trusting, loving pony who comes to play and loves cuddles. We have briefly backed him but lack of sufficient time has meant he is largely unridden and we never seem to find the time to actually get on with his training. If we never get around to it he will simply be a happy horse in our fair-sized herd.

May 2018