Gandalf’s X-owners pay him a visit.


Sicily Horses GandalfGandalf pictured with his X-owners family where he lived a large part of his racing career in Malta.

Four years ago I received a call from Malta. I didn’t know the person calling but he told me he knew a lot about me. He had heard about Pippa’s Paddock and how we took care of horses. He had a racehorse which was retiring and wanted to find him a good home and very much wished us to have him. Soon I was convinced, and some weeks later Gandalf turned up here…. Below is a picture taken on his arrival (Gandalf is the one further back) together with another horse. Their racing names were Nillans Comet (Gandalf) and Lover Boy Index (who unfortunately passed away not long after his arrival).

sicily horsesToday, Gandalf leads a great life in our herd, roaming 95 tumoli of land space. He is around 19 years old now but strong and fit. we take him out for our short and medium walks but spare him the longer harder rides. He’s definitely up for a fast run though and still can give bursts of speeds to match the younger horses!

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