So exactly what’s so special about our riding holidays?

Horse Riding Holidays with so much more !

I have always loved this mad island – from the first time I set foot here. I also love horse riding to bits and am rarely happier than when I am on a good horse. However, it seems such a shame to come to Sicily and only do horse riding and a few other things (meals and bars??) and not witness, first hand, all the many things that this country is all about.

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Camel (Off-road) Rally Reunion 2015

Off-road Rally reunion in Sicily.

It started with a visit from my old friend (or should I say rival ! ) Mark Attard. Mark was not exactly on a driving holiday in Sicily. He was travelling south to Malta, having purchased an “Ipod” from Britain and decided to drop into Pippa’s Paddock for a visit, which I very much enjoyed and appreciated. For the uninitiated an Ipod is a super mini caravan, a real gem which even parks itself !! But, that’s another story.

Mark and I had raced each other way back in the 80s and 90s in off-road Camel Rallies in Malta. Truth is, Mark and his companions are much better off-roaders than I ever was but luck had it that the first ever Major Off-road rally in Malta was not at all rough but very fast, which favoured my skills, and I happened to win it purely because of that.

Still, Mark said “Why not organise a big Reunion of the “old guys” at Pippa’s Paddock in Sicily”.

“Sure” I said, “Why not?”

And he did it… Mark doesn’t just talk and in just a few weeks 33 guys and dolls and 14 cars were queeing at 5am for the ferry between the two islands. Here is a video clip of what we were up to for the next 4 days….

Enjoy –

Unexpected Horse Show on a lazy Sunday….

Caccamo (Sicily) Horse Trainer Nino Cancasci organises a small show.

One lazy Sunday, with nothing better to do, we decided to go for a pleasant drive to Caccamo heading north into the mountainous region. Caccamo is a pretty little medieval town with lots of history and a magnificent castle (pictured). Caccamo Castle
I intended to pass by a famous horse trainer to show my guests some beautiful horses. But, when we got there a show was just commencing. Unknown to me Antonio Cancasci (the horse trainer) had organised a small display of some of the horses he was training. It was a most interesting experience demonstrating what horses can be trained to do in the right hands and with enough time and patience…
Here is a short video of the event… (Mark)