Excursion – “Mafia and Godfather”

The incredible story of the Sicilian Mafia and the fight against crime, followed by a lovely evening and meal in one of the most picturesque villages.

(Excursion Price – 75 euros, Single Supplement 45 euros)

The Anti-Mafia museum in Corleone tells a fascinating and captivating story. Using photos taken by a journalist reporting on Mafia stories at the time, it recounts how the Mafia rose to absolute power and dictated the life and times of Sicily for over half a century. Who knows, perhaps it still does ?

For those who know the film “The Godfather” this is a real eyeopener, whilst for the younger people, it sheds light on what can happen when crime gets so powerful it becomes hard to control.

After Corleone, we visit a lovely middle-ages town and enjoy a delicious pizza in its village square restaurant.