Excursion – “Countryhouse Ride”

A lovely day, riding to a countryhouse, lunch and short stay and ride back.

(Excursion Price – 35 euros, Single Supplement 5 euros)

This has always been one of our most popular excursions. Everyone remembers the ride to Todi, our friend with his countryhouse. The ride to his place takes aproximately 2.5 to 3 hours and is a lovely ride through the Sicilian countryside with a few gallops along the way (provided the riders wish that!) and a grand final long gallop up the hill to arrive. After this, we settle down to a very welcome home-cooked meal with local ingredients, washed down with the usual local wines and drinks.

After this multi-course lunch, a well-earned rest in pleasant company followed by sweets and coffee. Time to depart arives and the horses, which also rested in the nearby fields, are saddled up for the shorter 1.5 hour ride home….

Typical menu for the Countryhouse meal would be Bruschetti (made with fresh tomatoes and herbs grown on site) Antipasti (Sicilian Hors D’ouvres), pasta dish first course, second course of meat and side dishes, delicious local deserts, fruit salads and choclate balls and coffees. All washed down with wines and drinks.