A look at what you can do on a Family Holiday in Sicily.

Pippa’s Paddock offering fantastic tailor-made Family Holidays in Sicily

There are many Family Holidays offered in Sicily and quite a number of them are good. So we try to make ours better and more unique, offering what we think is a better value deal.

How we do this, is by giving a personal service ensuring that everyone in the group gets the maximum pleasure from their trip. We know Sicily like very few people do and we choose a blend of activities which we discuss with our clients until we come up with the best selection of experiences for all concerned. We encourage you to look at our Tripadvisor reviews over the years. Moreover, our years of dealing with the locals means we can do all this at prices that the visitor would not be able to do any more economically, even if he were to organise it all alone. Except you are NOT alone !!

In this short  (3 minute) videoclip, we show you some of the things on offer. Do contact us to have a chat if you are considering a visit to Sicily.

For more info visit our page for Family Breaks in Sicily.