Excursion – “Watermill Ride”

Great full day’s riding to a fully functioning 18th century watermill.

(Excursion Price – 35 euros, Single Supplement 5 euros)

Riding to this lovely unspoilt valley is a wonderful experience. The ride itself is aproximately 2.5 / 3 hours each way, so we get a lot of riding done on this excursion.

The watermill is a joy. It was “saved” by its proud owner Pino, who bought it (without his wife’s knowledge!!) because he couldn’t bear to see it decline any further and started a 10 year labour of love to restore it. Luckily, the authorities eventually realised what he was doing and the place won major European awards and much-needed funding to be brought to the level it now is at.

It is situated in a beautiful totally unspoilt valley and its story makes fascinating listening. Pino will recount it with pride and pleasure.

¬†Usually Pino (the watermill owner) manages to knock together a simple country style meal with local products. These would include fesh bread, capers and olives, a selection of salamis, cheeses and other such stuff. A pasta dish follows and fruits for desert. Wine, of course and drinks are also included.¬† On some occasions, the meal has been difficult to organise (Pino doesn’t have permanent stuff) and we try and organise the meal ourselves along the same lines…)