2 New Additions…. Apache and Tyrone.

horses in Sicily

Two new horses, Apache and Tyrone, come to Pippa’s Paddock.

Not long ago, I realised that we actually needed another horse or two. This was because, with some booked groups in spring and autumn, our horses would have to go out and work hard almost every day. Although we actually have enough horses to do this, I felt I did not really want to push them this hard and with the bookings it seemed that they would have very few rest days. So, the decision was made to bring in one or more new horses.

The search was on and I viewed a number of horses. Then, I was lucky in that my vet knew of a riding school that was in financial difficulty and needed to reduce their number of horses. Pippa and I went along to see and try them out. We needed horses that were immediately rideable, so a trial was important as we would not have time to train and educate them.

The horses were quite undernourished. The loving owners explained that the financial constraints meant they could only be fed the bare minimum and they were waiting for the spring grass to grow. The horses would then be put out to pasture, where the grass would soon put their weight back on and give them their energy.

Apache (the chestnut gelding), proved difficult to ride when Pippa got on his back at the riding school. We were assured by the owner that he was a good boy but had basically been left in all winter. He would settle down, he assured us. My gut feeling was to believe him and, with the proviso I could retrun him within 1 month, we decided to take him.

Tyrone (the black gelding) was immediately docile and perfect.

We took them both. I am dlighted to say they proved an excellent acquisition. Young Apache (5 years) has settled down and is a lovely if lively ride. He is fun but obedient and well trained and we enjoy him tremendously. Being brave, he will lead or follow and, being 3/4 arab, never ever tires…

Tyrone, more mature at 10 years, remains a truly lovely quiet but forward going horse. At first his condition worsened and I was worried for a while. Notwithstanding copious amounts of excellent feed, he failed to put on weight. Then, I called in the vet and we found his teeth to be badly in need of seeing to. Even after this, recovery was slow, but with the arrival of some excellent spring grass he is now is good condition and we have ridden him a few times.

Both of them are really friendly, especially Apache who insists on coming over and having a play and a nibble. They are now nicely settled into our herd and I am pleased to see them happy once again. I am sure their previous owners are too. They were genuinely concerned for them and were holding out to sell to the “right people”.

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