So exactly what’s so special about our Horse Riding Holidays in Italy (Sicily)?

Horse Riding Holidays in Italy (Sicily) with so much more !

I have always loved this mad island – from the first time I set foot here. I also love horse riding to bits and am rarely happier than when I am on a good horse. However, it seems such a shame to come on a horse riding holiday in Italy or Sicily, and only do horse riding and a few other things (meals and bars??) and not witness, first hand, all the many things that this country is all about.

That’s why our holidays include the widest variety of outings and excursions you can imagine. I try to include culture, fun, sports and physical stuff – and usually alter the itineraries slightly in line with what emerges as our guests’ particular likes. Everyone seems to enjoy our mix tremendously (please visit our Tripadvisor page  to see the almost emarrbarrasingly fantastic comments we get).

The formula not only works but represents aboslutely tremendous value for money. Horse riding holidays in Italy would normally charge a great deal for each extra outing, which we include in the standard price.

Do take a look at this 4 minute videoclip to see what I mean – each picture is taken on our very own trips and most are taken by myself with the odd one taken by some of our guests and kindly given to us….   Enjoy !

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